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Potassium humate is a highly effective organic fertilizer, because humic acid is a high active agent, can increase available potassium in soil, reduce the loss and fixation of potassium, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization. Also can improve the soil promote crop growth, improve crop resilience, improve crop quality, protect agricultural ecological environment and so on. Potassium humate mixed with urea, phosphate, potash, trace elements, can be produced into high efficient multi-compound fertilizer; in addition, potassium humate also can be used as oil drilling fluid treatment agent, mainly to prevent wall collapse.

Humic acid functional groups in potassium humate can absorb and store potassium, to prevent potassium loss along with water in sand and eluvial soil,also can prevent cohesive soils from fixing potassium. Some parts of humic acid are fulvic acid and so on low molecular humic acid, these kind of low molecular humic acid can slowly resolve potassium silicates, feldspar and other minerals, improve the content of available potassium. Increase average utilization rate to 87% -95% than the normal potassium fertilizer,so that to increase crop yields , and improve crop quality.

Potassium humate is non-toxic, tasteless, black natural organic powder. Soluble in water, is a functional group containing a large number of intricate organic macromolecular compounds, representing resistant to microbial decomposition, with a strong adsorption, exchange, complexation and chelation capacity, is the best indicator of fertility protection, even is known as ecological fertilizer, for slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in organic fertilizers. Also can provide large number of all the necessary trace elements for plants, and organic matter including humic acid, fulvic, humic vegetarian amino acids and sugars. Also can be used as organic fertilizer potash and organic materials for production of high-quality organic complex fertilizer.




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